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StudentSpace's, student success solutions, help institutions measure student achievement through competency based-learning at various institutional (course, program and department) levels and result in higher levels of student learning and increased employability. Our Software solutions provide a support system that will positively impact student learning outcomes.

Company Overview

StudentSpace is a software service providing company which specializes in student tracking and retention software for universities and colleges in USA. The company started in 1998 and has served over 250 institutions. At StudentSpace, our main goal is to help the universities and colleges to achieve highest retention and graduation rates. StudentSpace’s products are based on research done in partnership with the US Department of Education and social institutions supporting social causes. 

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Why Choose Us

For colleges and institutions whose enrolment is between 1 to 5000 should definitely explore the possibility of working with StudentSpace. Since the product from day one has evolved from the smaller institution, high touch workflows. Also, in this segment of higher education, budgets are smaller and the IT team is often quite limited in numbers. Therefore, a company which is student centric, extremely generous and cost effective and also willing to share the source code is a good choice.

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StudentSpace supports the business processes of an entire institution: strategic enrolment management, institutional advancement, teaching and learning, performance and operational management, and strategic planning.​
  • We provide well designed, scalable software solutions so that your school can focus on their core missions to assess, teach, retain and keep track of students. ​
  • Our software, with its easy to use and intuitive interface, lets your staff and faculty collect and view common data from all areas of the school from anywhere at anytime.

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Global Services

Our data related services help your company/institution develop a risk free environment for database management. We help you create a roadmap for your database. Our database experts, design and develop database to provide performance oriented results, saving your time, effort and cost. StudentSpace furnish services like database assessment and analysis, database optimization and performance management, migration services, demand driven forecasting, predictive analytics, risk analytics etc.


From Business Analytics to Business Intelligence, StudentSpace’s database experts offer real time support, guidance and consulting help your organization overcome time critical issues.


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What our clients are saying?

Success Stories

  • University of Rio Grande


    The University of Rio Grande (URG), established in 1876, is an independent four-year, comprehensive university that offers programs ranging from certificates through the master’s degree level. Rio Grande Community College (RGCC), established in 1974, offers a wide range of services.


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  • Timothy- Leadership Training Institute


    In many countries around the world, the Christian church is growing rapidly, often in places of economic need and political restrictions. It is common for pastors and other church leaders to be appointed with little or no training. Recognizing the need an international team of educators came together to address this challenge.

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  • Universidad Ana G. Mendez


    Ana G. Mendez University was founded in the late 1940s. Since its foundation, the university has remained faithful to its commitment to offer quality education for all but as the university grew in all ways, they needed more advancements in their software applications.



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  • Santa Fe Community College


    Santa Fe community college was granted the Title V grant in 1999 for the second time. This was quite timely since their title III grant was ending and Dr. Albert Reid needed the much-needed funding to complete his ambitious plans for the at-risk college students of SFCC. 



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Our Solutions are for:

  • University/College Administration

  • University/College Directors and Managers

  • University/College Advisors and Faculty

Our Non-Profit and CSR Efforts

  • StudentSpace foundation in USA offers its services to low-income families to reach students with the least access to educational resources and helps students of various colours realize their potential through various partnerships in New Mexico and California.
  • We have been providing free access to our sophisticated tools to underprivileged and fund-lacking schools so their children could be on a level playing field. Our tools include providing a safety net so kids are given a second chance in this highly competitive world.
  • Nihal Foundation: To inculcate values and ethics in children with special focus on male youth, to make a world a safer and prosperous place to live. "The moral values, ethical codes and laws that guide our choices in normal times.

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