Nihal Foundation, Established in 2007 as CSR Initiative of StudentSpace Inc., USA. Our CSR focuses on transforming the lives of children & youth, living in urban poverty, through better health and skill development. A global foundation supporting programs in the United States, India and Puerto Rico Fundamental emphasis on opportunities with the greatest potential to directly and measurably transform the lives of children & youth.

Based in Santa Fe, NM with satellite offices in Gurgaon & Mohali, India and San Juan, Puerto Rico

To inculcate values and ethics in children with a special focus on male youth to make a world the safer and prosperous place to live.

Nihal Foundation is the CSR wing of Nihal Software, India and StudentSpace USA working for the community development through mentoring, and skill development and counseling with special emphasis on young borderline at-risk males at the grassroots level in USA, Puerto Rico, Delhi NCR and Chandigarh.



Since 2007 the role of Nihal Foundation has been in strengthening and empowering these communities of youth to join the mainstream before it is too late and they get caught, permanently, in the never ending cycle of:


No skills – No Values - Unemployment – Anger – Alcohol – Drugs – Crime – Jail … and more Anger!



To break the Anger Cycle and bridge the Dignity-gap by contributing to the creation of developed, Ethical, Educated and Dignified Communities.


Mission Statement:

To inculcate values and ethics in children with special focus on male youth to make a world a safer and prosperous place to live. "The moral values, ethical codes and laws that guide our choices in normal times are, if anything, even more important in the current, confusing and disoriented times.These values and ethics will help us navigate to a safer and brighter future! There is a huge skill gap between what is expected of graduates and the job requirements. Private education has failed a whole generation, miserably. The owner of the education business has got rich but the future of their graduates has been jettisoned. Hence our aim is to fill this skill gap and give them direction and purpose to at least 200 poor youth per center per year and make them employable. Whether it is a church or community center in Puerto Rico or USA or a Gurudwara in India – these centers are being used as partners providing a space where technical centers are developed to provide skill development and help in employment in the latest technologies.


Our Focus:

The Unemployed Youth with No Skills.
A private education system which creates bogus paper degrees and only raises expectations and students’ fee but not their standards!
One would have imagined that private education would have helped these youth – but no! These institutors have made it worse – awarding fake qualifications of BTECH/MBA with no or very little value. It is like providing a person with a vehicle to success without wheels or a steering wheel – where will these youth go? Now they are only armed with high expectations and no skills. And hence behind this lack of employment is a huge lack of marketable skills, ethics and values. Many of these disenchanted youth have a real degree but with bogus future.
Furthermore, there are many IT/Computer centers in the city but and again over commercialization has left the graduating trainee to be lacking in essential skills.

Nihal foundation has three focus areas and each has a project related to them.

1) Youth Opportunity Center (YOC)

2) Simbarashi Crèche

3) Sunshine Van


Our Non-Profit And CSR Efforts

  • StudentSpace foundation in USA offers its services to low-income families to reach students with the least access to educational resources and helps students of colour realize their potential through various partnerships in New Mexico and California.
  • We have been providing free access to our sophisticated tools to underprivileged and fund-lacking schools so their children could be on a level playing field. Our tools include providing a safety net so kids are given a second chance in this highly competitive world.
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